Jerry Yang leaves Yahoo as Wikipedia blacks out

Jan 18, 2012
Big tech news today as a co-founder of Yahoo jumps ship. Meanwhile, Wikipedia is fighting against SOPA by blacking out its site for 24 hours.
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The true costs of online piracy

Jan 18, 2012
Today, Wikipedia is blacking-out its site to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act. But are the costs of online piracy as high as some claim?
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PODCAST: Yahoo! or Yahoo?

Jan 18, 2012
News of Jerry Yang's exit from Yahoo after 17 years may mean that the company will have to fine tune its vision. Home Depot has just announced it's going to hire 70,000 seasonal workers over the next few months, but how many of those temps will land permanent jobs? Plus, we look at the true costs of online piracy.
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Cardinal bios on Wikipedia

Jan 9, 2012
THE source for religious history
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Say it with me: “Monmouthpedia”

Dec 30, 2011
You didn't say it, did you?
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Wikipedia introduces new software for its editors

Dec 29, 2011
Should look more like word processing and less like programming.
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Jimmy Wales considers a protest blackout of Wikipedia

Dec 13, 2011
All knowledge to be temporarily suspended?
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Wikipedia takes down its Italian site

Oct 5, 2011
Wikipedia has taken its Italian site off line in response to a proposed new law from the Berlusconi government. The law lets the government issue...
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