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Congressional leaders meet about the fiscal cliff

Nov 16, 2012
The Weekly Wrap dissects today's meeting at the White House over the fiscal cliff.
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Rolling down the fiscal cliff

Nov 9, 2012
Felix Salmon of Reuters and Catherine Rampell from the New York Times discuss the big topic of the day -- the fiscal cliff. Hard to avoid.
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Why the next president wins twice

Nov 2, 2012
The Weekly Wrap examines the latest unemployment numbers from October -- the last jobs report to come out before Election Day -- and why that matters.
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Tech struggles may reveal economic worries

Oct 26, 2012
Our Weekly Wrap guests discuss slow economic growth in U.S., and what's the future for corporate profits at tech companies such as Apple.
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Disappointing earnings reports lead to a drop in the Dow

Oct 19, 2012
Time for the Weekly Wrap. This week: The Dow suffers a 200-point drop, tech companies see lower-than-expected earnings reports.
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Vice presidential candidates debate 6% unemployment

Oct 12, 2012
Weekly Wrap: Can we get to 6 percent unemployment? Banks reports big profits. And the EU wins the Nobel.
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Jobless rate below 8%, candidates vague about jobs in debate

Oct 5, 2012
Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: debating jobs. The new numbers and the presidential candidates' vague answers of what policies they'd use to boost employment.
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Weekly Wrap: BofA pays and the Labor Dept. delivers

Sep 28, 2012
New York bureau chief Heidi Moore and CNBC's John Carney discuss Bank of America's recent settlement, new figures from the Department of Labor and what their economic guts are telling them this week.
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Weekly Wrap: Is it still the economy, stupid?

Sep 21, 2012
Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: between 47 percent of Americans and Romney's tax returns, are we still talking about the economy?
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Weekly Wrap: QE3 and its effect on the economy

Sep 14, 2012
Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: The third round of stimulus from the Federal Reserve.
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