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JPMorgan's profits foretell good economic fortunes

Jul 12, 2013
JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo reported higher profits, after a quarter in which interest rates rose sharply.
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Wall Street worried by strong jobs growth

Jul 5, 2013
The Labor Department's latest jobs report shows 195,000 jobs added to the economy, and unemployment steady at 7.6 percent.
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Mortgage rates jump: Should we be worried?

Jun 28, 2013
U.S. mortgage rates jump to their highest level since July 2011, following comments from Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.
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Ben Bernanke's muddled message?

Jun 21, 2013
The Fed chairman spoke about quantitative easing on Wednesday, and the possibility of tapering, and the markets reacted.
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Do rising rates mean an improving economy?

Jun 14, 2013
The ten-year T-note is above two percent, but some are concerned this might mean the end of quantitative easing in the near future.
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May jobs report shows increased, but slow, hiring

Jun 7, 2013
The May jobs report showed increased hiring, but with a few caveats.
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Volatile markets and mixed economic data

May 31, 2013
The Weekly Wrap covers the ups and downs of the past week in economic news.
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Is the end of quantitative easing near?

May 24, 2013
Federal Reserve's Ben Bernanke is cautiously optimistic.
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A week of scandal and taxes

May 17, 2013
Check out weekend reading picks (not about the IRS scandal) from our Weekly Wrap.
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Our debt limit problems are over, right?

May 10, 2013
Fannie Mae's paying $50 billion in dividends, so between that and the sequester, are our debt limit problems over?
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