Dutch tulips held hostage in Romania

Sep 20, 2011
Romanian officials have seized truckloads of Dutch tulips at the border this week, claiming they could be contaminated with a dangerous bacteria. It turns out, much more than flowers are at stake.
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Marriott, Hilton... Or your home

Sep 16, 2011
Instead of staying at a hotel next time you travel, why not try a stranger's extra bedroom or guesthouse? We take a look at the pros and cons of this unusual arrangement.
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Rental car industry hit hard by economic downturn

Sep 14, 2011
Not long ago, the acquisition of Dollar Thrifty looked like an attractive option to rental car company Avis. Now, tough economic times have changed its mind.
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How 9/11 changed business travel

Sep 6, 2011
Conventional wisdom says 9/11 damaged business travel. But it also forced some changes that made travel cheaper for business fliers, and led to alternatives.
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Some tourist towns hit hard by Hurricane Irene

Aug 29, 2011
Many businesses on the East Coast shut down over the weekend for Hurricane Irene. But for tourist industries that depend on the summer months to keep them going throughout the year, losing a few days of business can have big effects.
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Airbnb is sorry enough to give you a $50,000 guarantee

Aug 2, 2011
Airbnb, the travel start-up that matches travelers with people looking to rent their home or apartment, is fending off a recent rash of really bad...
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Airbnb users has apartment trashed

Jul 28, 2011
Airbnb is an online service that helps home owners hook up with vacationers looking to rent apartments or houses. The idea is simple, while you're...
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Tough economy forces states to rethink tourism funding

Jun 30, 2011
For years, the state of Washington has lured tourists to the Pacific Northwest with images of snow-capped mountains and Orca whales. But with a state budget fight in store, that marketing has come to an abrupt end.
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Cutting down on the cost of summer travel

Jun 22, 2011
With the Fourth of July just around the corner, L.A. Times consumer columnist David Lazarus explains what travelers can expect from online travel sites, and offers some easy ways to cut costs from your vacation.
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Groupon wants to give you travel deals

Jun 2, 2011
At the All Things D conference on Wednesday, Groupon announced a new discount travel service: Groupon Getaways with Expedia. ...
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