Funding cuts stall long-term transportation projects

Mar 12, 2012
The Senate is likely to pass an extension of the federal transportation spending bill this week. But it will only fund highway and transit projects for two years. Most generally take five years.
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Mass transit on the rise, even before high gas prices

Mar 12, 2012
The American Public Transportation Association says transit ridership around the country is at its second highest level since the 1950s. Ridership jumped 2.3 percent last year.
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Dude, where's my bike?

Jan 27, 2012
Journalist Patrick Symmes had a bicycle. Then it got stolen. So he got another bike, and that got stolen, too. He discusses his journey delving into the underground economy of stolen bikes.
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FedEx to raise prices in the coming year

Dec 27, 2011
FedEx will start charging higher rates in part so it can afford to hold on to good employees.
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Commuters turn to buses

Dec 21, 2011
In an age of sky-high travel costs, long-haul commuters looking for an alternative are rediscovering the bus.
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Major container shipping line posts big losses

Nov 9, 2011
The world's biggest container shipping company, Maersk, posted big losses in the last quarter, and that might not bode well for the economy at large.
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Senate panel debates transportation spending

Nov 9, 2011
Members of the Senate today will discuss how to improve the country's infrastructure, and how we can go about funding the changes.
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Why Occupy Oakland protesters chose the port

Nov 3, 2011
As protests heat up in Oakland, we speak to someone on the streets about why they chose the port and what they hope to get out of it.
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Amtrak ridership hits new heights

Oct 18, 2011
Although mostly because the economy has hit such lows.
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