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Fans of symbolism excited for net neutrality vote

Nov 8, 2011
It's happening in the Senate on Thursday and before we go any further, let me assure you that it means nothing substantive in the short term. The...
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Android will stay free, says Schmidt

Nov 8, 2011
Google Executive Chairman, never one to walk away from an open microphone, toured South Korea yesterday and told reporters that the Android...
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Brand pages available in Google+

Nov 8, 2011
We've heard this was on the way for a while and now it's here. Your company, your organization, your brand can have a presence on Google+. MPR...
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Don't blink

Nov 7, 2011
Taking nipping and tucking to the next level, brown-eyed people are now pointing lasers in their eyes to turn their irises blue. Oh brown-eyed...
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Schmidt to Senate, "Aw shucks"

Nov 7, 2011
According to a letter recently made public by the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt did his best to...
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YouTube and the Magic Kingdom

Nov 7, 2011
Disney Interactive Media and YouTube are set to announce a partnership today. Disney will create videos for a YouTube channel, and in turn feature...
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HP's new 3D PC

Nov 7, 2011
Or, if you like, Hewlett-Packard's new three dimensional personal computer....
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Anonymous doesn't go through with threat

Nov 7, 2011
Last week we told you about the standoff between members of Anonymous and the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas. The cartel had kidnapped an Anonymous...
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Nook Tablet launches

Nov 7, 2011
As expected, Barnes & Noble (motto: The Chain Book Store That Still Exists For Now) has debuted the next generation of its Nook reader. And as...
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Ford to fix screwy car systems

Nov 7, 2011
Ford Motor Company had this great idea to replace a lot of the buttons and knobs on a traditional car system with a sort of touch screen equivalent...
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