Tattoos in the workplace: Still taboo?

Oct 19, 2012
Tattoos might traditionally send negative signals to employer: that you are a rebel, or that you don't think about the future. But as they become more and more common, do tattoos still matter as much around the workplace?
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The costs and benefits of one teen's tattoo

Oct 19, 2012
One teen's neck tattoo offers protection -- and may hurt his chances of getting ahead at work.
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Brand ink: Companies explore tattoo marketing

Jul 5, 2012
Tattoo giveaways are cropping up as the latest trend in brand marketing. Unlike free T-shirts or hats with brand images, in this case the logo stays -- forever.
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Some Idiot gets big Facebook tattoo

Jun 8, 2011
I think I'm starting a new category on the blog and on the memo. It's called "Some Idiot". It's where we'll report something that Some Idiot did...
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