CES kicks off with ultrabooks and iPod thermostats

Jan 9, 2012
Do you hear that buzz coming from Las Vegas? The Consumer Electronics Show is underway, bringing a lot of hype and hooey regarding the latest tech products.
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Tablets for good, on the cheap

Jan 9, 2012
From laptops to tablets
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Acer brings out $330 Android tablet

Jan 5, 2012
No Ice Cream Sandwich until next month
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Google planning a Kindle Fire competitor?

Jan 5, 2012
Or, you know, not at all?
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RIM PlayBook, all models, on sale for $299

Jan 3, 2012
RIM exec shake up too
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Google coming out with a tablet

Dec 22, 2011
“Man, those guys are fast!” says Microsoft
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Apple tells Samsung to make weird awful tablets

Dec 6, 2011
instead of ones that resemble iPads
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Black Friday sale: $199 for a PlayBook

Nov 18, 2011
Don't get sacked in the end zone. A good play from an actual play book and a good strategy to co-opt for your pre-dawn shopping.
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Nokia Windows 8 tablet coming

Nov 16, 2011
Just in time for way a lot later than the iPad!
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