Syria's mom and pop oil refineries

Jun 17, 2013
A year of unrest and civil war has created a new opportunity for private citizens in Syria to earn money with makeshift oil refineries.
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Why Syria's Internet was ripe for a shutdown

May 8, 2013
After 19 hours in the dark, Syria is back online. Why it's not that hard to shut down the Internet there, but nearly impossible in the U.S.
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The economic impact of Syrian refugees

Dec 11, 2012
The United Nations said today that more than half a million Syrians have fled to other countries in the region, as the revolution against the Syrian government rages back at home.
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Syria fighting hurts Turkish border city

Aug 21, 2012
Overall, the Syrian conflict has been bad for business in the Turkish border city of Antakya -- though some businesses are booming.
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In Turkey, Syrian refugees use their skills

Aug 21, 2012
Some 70,000 refugees have fled the fighting in Syria and crossed over into Turkey. Even in the refugee camps, some are showing entrepreneurial flair.
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A work-around for sanctions in Syria

Aug 13, 2012
There are lots of ways that U.S. companies get around sanctions in foreign countries. But the trail isn't easy to follow.
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The costs of a U.S. intervention in Syria

Aug 9, 2012
When fighting in Libya spread, U.S. and NATO planes were soon flying sorties to help out the rebel side -- and it was costly. How a similar intervention in Syria might cost us.
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Syrian refugees face financial uncertainty

Aug 3, 2012
Thousands of Syrian refugees continue to flood border communities in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. Both government and non-government aid organizations are scrambling to accommodate them.
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Turning to a consultant in the struggle for Syria

Aug 1, 2012
The battle in Syria is not just for control of the country. There's also a battle within the resistance over how that victory should be achieved. Like other "Arab Spring" nations before them, Syrians are looking abroad for answers.
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How economic sanctions affect Syria

Jul 19, 2012
At the UN today, the Security Council is expected to vote today on economic sanctions against Syria, in an effort to help end the 16 month conflict between the government of Bashar Al-Assad and rebel forces. But will more economic sanctions work?
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