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Recovery hits home prices

Jan 29, 2013
The latest home price numbers from the S&P/Case-Shiller Index show the strongest year-over-year growth since 2006.
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Dow, S&P at five-year high; VIX drops to five-year low

Jan 22, 2013
Two of the major stock indices closed at five-year highs today, while the CBOE Volatility Index drops to its lowest since April 2007.
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End of the year earnings: Has the buck finally stopped?

Jan 8, 2013
Corporate earnings season is here again. The first reports arrive today, starting with the aluminum company Alcoa. Analysts are bracing for a slew of lackluster numbers.
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Moutai shares tumble in China after goverment restriction

Dec 25, 2012
Distillery stocks in China tumble this week after the government announced a ban on high priced spirits at state events.
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Private companies stand apart from stagnant stock market

Dec 20, 2012
Throughout all of this fiscal cliff back and forth, the stock market has reflected a certain stoicism from corporate America: Not much movement at all. But the stock market leaves out a huge chunk of our economy: Private companies.
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British opera finds harmony in financial world

Dec 5, 2012
A British academic and banker have composed an opera that highlights the harmonies they find in the world of finance , which some view as a place of turbulence.
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Are stocks still the best investment option?

Nov 13, 2012
The 2008 stock market crash sent folks walking away from Wall Street. Even today, an air of fear still holds some from re-entering the market. Have investors come around?
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Political uncertainty continues to hang over markets

Nov 8, 2012
Following Tuesday's election, the markets took a plunge. The major stock indexes all fell nearly 2.5 percent -- the biggest sell-off of the year.
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Markets await election result

Nov 5, 2012
The election won't instantly resolve all economic uncertainty, but companies and investors will finally know whose vision will set the economic agenda.
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Stocks: A safe bet for investors?

Nov 1, 2012
Despite the impending fiscal cliff, slowing global economy, and a weak domestic jobs market, the stock market is still going strong -- outperforming U.S treasuries, corporate bonds, and commodities.
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