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The Department of State needs more copy machines to respond to the backlog of requests from reporters.

Oh, for the want of a decent copier

Mar 18, 2015
The State Department needs more copy machines to clear up this backlog.
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Embassy terror changed national security spending

Aug 7, 2013
Fifteen years after the Al Qaeda bombings in East Africa, spending on embassy security has soared -- and not just there.
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Iran blocks virtual embassy

Dec 8, 2011
That didn't take long.
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Wikileaks publishes 251,000 unredacted State Department documents

Sep 2, 2011
We've been talking about this story for a while. How Wikileaks founder Julian Assange entrusted someone with access to the group's stash of US...
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Wikileaks leaks

Aug 30, 2011
Julian Assange's organization had highly sensitive US State Department cables on its servers. These are cables that have not been released to the...
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US questioned China over attack

Jun 15, 2011
In April, the US-based website launched an online petition regarding China's imprisonment of artist and dissident Ai Weiwei. Soon after...
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Internet freedom money on the chopping block

Apr 14, 2011
One of the things that got cut as Congress sought to reach a deal on the budget is a pot of money in the State Department to help promote Internet...
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Clinton announces new Internet freedom policy

Feb 15, 2011
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton will speak at George Washington University today about Internet freedom. The New York Times reports she's...
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