Retirement and creative spending

Dec 19, 2011
We often forget how creative people are at coming up with solutions to problems. Retirement is no different. Many retirees find that they can make significant cuts in expenses without slashing their standard of living.
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Spending on Christmas 'bling' is up

Dec 6, 2011
Consumers will almost $6 billion dollars on holiday decorations this year - the most in seven years - according to new data from the National Retail Federation
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Monkeys love discounts too

Dec 1, 2011
Researchers at Yale are wondering if spending behavior has something to do with genetics. We learn how monkeys and humans are similar -- and different -- when it comes to plunking down cash.
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The Recession's Consumer Paradox

Aug 23, 2011
David Brancaccio was in Los Angeles last week to guest host Marketplace Money. The theme: Borrow or spend? If we don't spend, life gets drained...
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Spending vs. savings during these unnerving times

Aug 19, 2011
Into the teeth of this economic gale, I had to make quite a spending decision this week. It wasn't a frivolous purchase - not the $5,000 carbon-f...
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Spending on Valentine's Day? Not me

Feb 14, 2011
This final note today, from the Marketplace Desk of I haven't gotten my wife anything for Valentine's Day -- and I'm not gonna either, just on...
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Lessons from living on the cheap

Feb 9, 2011
What's it like for a family to live on $100 a month? Silicon Valley blogger takes some lessons from David Hochman and his family....
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Report: U.S. cattle herd shrinks to smallest size since 1958

Jan 28, 2011
Americans soon could be crying 'Where's the beef?' -- until the cows come home. Cattle herd may be the next casualty of the struggling U.S. econ...
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The odd prices we pay for some things

Jan 10, 2011
We talked to Eduardo Porter today, author of "The Price of Everything." He says, price is always measured against something else -- an option...
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Paper or plastic?

Dec 8, 2010
This final note today: Some solace the next time you get stuck behind somebody paying by check in the grocery store. Yes, Mom, I'm talking to you....
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