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Shutdown shakes comfort level of small business owners

Oct 10, 2013
Small business owner Olalah Njenga says even if companies can recover quickly from the shutdown, it'll still weigh in the back of owners' minds.
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Government shutdown impacts private companies too

Oct 3, 2013
The shutdown isn't only affecting federal employees -- the private sector is struggling too.
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The rise of the small insurer

Oct 1, 2013
Several of the largest health insurers are sitting out Obamacare exchanges. It's created an opportunity for smaller insurance companies.
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2 dreams, 2 new business owners

Aug 15, 2013
A sign of rising confidence? On Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, two new stores open a few months apart.
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Looking at small town America, from a small plane

Aug 12, 2013
News coverage often tends to miss out on what's going on in small town America. A new project from The Atlantic and Marketplace hopes to remedy that problem.
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The other revolution bubbling in the Middle East

Aug 12, 2013
Author Chris Schroeder says there's another revolution that's quietly emerging that deserves attention: growing entrepreneurship.
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States beat the SEC to the new frontier of crowdfunding

Aug 9, 2013
How Georgia is on the forefront of pushing equity crowdfunding. It's like Kickstarter, except that regular folk can invest in -- not just donate to -- a small, private company.
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Is this recovery? Check the roads for campers, trailers

Jul 24, 2013
After downsizing during the recession, one manufacturer sees signs of the recovery.
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Tornado watch: Revisiting Oklahoma's tragedy

Jul 1, 2013
Checking in on a small business owner who lost her office in the tornado that hit Moore, Okla.
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Cupcakes meet bitcoins

Apr 17, 2013
Baker Jennifer Longson runs one of a handful of retail businesses that accept bitcoins as payment. Where some see twin bubbles, she insists cupcakes or bitcoins are sticking around.
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