Securities and Exchange Commission Chairwoman Mary Jo White speaks at 2014 SEC conference in Washington, D.C.

SEC wants clarity on CEO pay vs. company performance

Apr 29, 2015
The SEC is going to demand that companies provide more transparency about CEO pay.
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Kickstart your startup! SEC votes on crowdfunding

Oct 23, 2013
The SEC considers rules for allowing companies to raise money online.
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Hey, big spender: Small companies start advertising for investors

Sep 25, 2013
The JOBS Act has loosened rules to let private companies and hedge funds solicit investment. How are they going about it?
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JPMorgan's Whale expedition costs $920 million

Sep 19, 2013
When a bank agrees to a multi-million dollar fine, who gets the money?
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Mind the gap: What do CEO-to-worker pay ratios really reveal?

Sep 18, 2013
The SEC wants companies to disclose the gap between CEO and median-employee compensation. The idea gained traction after the financial crisis amid broader concerns about income inequality.
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SEC lifts advertising ban on private investments: How it affects you

Jul 10, 2013
The Securities and Exchange Commission voted to lift a ban on publicly soliciting your investment dollars for companies not traded on the stock market.
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The SEC attempts to fix conflicts of interest in bond-rating

May 13, 2013
The SEC meets with experts Tuesday about the alleged conflicts of interest in the bond-rating industry, after delaying new rules to deal with the issue.
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SEC hits 'like' on corporations releasing info on social media

Apr 3, 2013
Reed Hastings landed in hot water for sharing info about Netflix on his personal Facebook page. Now, the SEC says, companies can share, tweet and Facebook, as long as investors know where to look.
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Obama taps former prosecutor as Wall Street cop

Jan 24, 2013
Mary Jo White battled mobsters and terrorists as U.S. Attorney. Now, she’ll face hedge fund titans and high-speed traders to revive the SEC.
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Watchdog of Wall Street, SEC's Mary Schapiro, looks back

Dec 10, 2012
SEC chairman Mary Schapiro will officially step down from her post on Friday.
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