Nov 24, 2011
Biometrics and Black Friday.
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Read my lips. With your goggles.

Nov 23, 2011
An advance in truth technology
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We can rebuild (with email)

Nov 22, 2011
Why Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers need not wear eyeglasses
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NASA's big space launch -- of a weather satellite

Oct 28, 2011
It may not be a major space shuttle, but the humble satellite could provide invaluable data.
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A different series of tubes

Oct 17, 2011
Carbon nanotubes are thinner than a strand of hair and are being tested to power extremely small motors. The BBC reports: "Carbon nanotubes have...
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Being in hot water is a good thing

Sep 16, 2011
Yesterday, a shower was given a prize. Okay, let me explain. Nick Christy's invention for a shower that recycles hot water won the Dutch Postcode...
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Tatooine discovered

Sep 16, 2011
NASA scientists have long thought there could be a planet out there that orbits two suns, and now they have proof. It's 200 light years away and...
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Chips that think and learn

Aug 18, 2011
Here's a term you might want to learn: "neurosynaptic core". It's going to be a good term to know when the Matrix is officially installed....
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NASA to report on impact of sun flares

Aug 18, 2011
Solar flares are unpredictable, but expected to increase in frequency over the next five years. If the explosions get close enough, they can disrupt the power grid here on earth
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Aug 10, 2011
The frontman of the musical group Black Eyed Peas also happens to be the director of creative innovation at Intel. And this Sunday, he hopes to shed light on a foundation teaching young people about science and innovation
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