529 college savings plan for relative

Apr 1, 2010
Question: I want to open a 529 account for my nephew (who's turning one next week) and contribute to it. Can I do so? Or only my nephew's parents...
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Selling timeshare

Feb 10, 2010
Question: We have a timeshare that we would like to sell. What is the best method for selling a timeshare? There are many web sites advertising...
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Online broker and safety

Jan 4, 2010
Question: You give great advice, Chris. Is it safe to open a Roth IRA with a well-known online broker? I need to put my money to work following a...
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IRS Email

Jan 25, 2008
Question: This e-mail appeared in my in-box and I want to verify whether or not it's legitimate. The language seems off and I don't know any reason...
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