The incredible business card of Chen Guangbiao

Jan 15, 2014
And we mean incredible in the most literal way.
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Don't use these three words on your resume

Dec 11, 2013
Hire me: I'm a responsible and creative strategizer!
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Job Wanted: French Turn Resumes into Street Art

Sep 3, 2013
A group of unemployed workers in France developed a new tactic to put themselves in front of potential employers.
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Race on your resume: An invitation for discrimination?

Apr 5, 2013
From the organizations you're a member of to your educational background to something as simple as your name -- advertising your ethnicity, sexuality, religion or gender on your resume can affect the hiring process.
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Resume guide: 3 tips to make your CV standout

Mar 6, 2013
If you are hitting the job market, the one thing you'll need is a good resume. But how do you get yours to the top of the heap?
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The best words for your resume

Dec 14, 2011
A new survey by networking site LinkedIn has found the most commonly used words on its profiles.
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A list of 10 ways to get your resume noticed

Jun 18, 2010
Hiring managers receive a lot of resumes and with so many people out work, the pool of competition to land a job has only gotten larger since the...
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