Glenn Ragland jazz musician and poet

When the going gets rough, some sell poems

Sep 15, 2014
A story of an out-of-work jazz drummer who is trying to make it work.
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The poetry of 'bankrupt' and 'nest egg'

Apr 21, 2014
Pondering the etymology, imagery and poetry of the Fed and its friends.
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How do I love work? Let me count the ways ...

Aug 21, 2013
Writer Victoria Chang uses poetry to deal with the frustrations of bosses, and coworkers and workplaces.
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Taxing poetic: Your Tax Day poems

Apr 12, 2013
April is National Poetry Month -- and also the time taxes are on our minds. So, why not combine the two and tax poetic?
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Calling all personal finance poets

Apr 5, 2013
April is National Poetry Month -- and also the month when most of us are scrambling to get our taxes filed. Send us your poems about taxes and Uncle Sam for a chance to have them read on the air.
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The UBS LIBOR emails... in haiku

Dec 20, 2012
Those internal emails of UBS LIBOR rate-rigging do have a certain poetic ring to them...
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What exactly is the NSA building in Utah?

Mar 27, 2012
This much we know: the National Security Agency is building a large structure in Utah and it’s called the Utah Data Center. Exactly what’s going on with the facility beyond that point remains a point of contention. Plus, finding sonnets in random tweets.
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New Poet Laureate Philip Levine reads 'What Work Is'

Aug 10, 2011
The United States has a new poet laureate today. Philip Levine is his name. Born in Detroit, Levine's first job was on an assembly line there. We...
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Poetry lives!

Jun 16, 2011
T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland" is a #1 selling iPad app. It's an interactive version of the poem that includes annotated manuscripts, archival...
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