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The tax apps cometh

Mar 10, 2011
If your plans for this weekend include digging through a shoebox full of receipts and collecting all your tax forms, we have news. This year, you may be able to do some or even all of your tax prep work on your smartphone.
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Why rising gas prices matter at the pump

Mar 1, 2011
When gas hits $4 a gallon, the effect is psychological as well as financial.
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Applying 'Spousonomics' for when there's a baby on the way

Feb 25, 2011
Last week host Tess Vigeland talked to Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson, co-authors of the new book "Spousonomics." This week, they offer some "Spousonomics" counseling to one couple.
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Getting Personal: Confused identities, how to give back

Feb 25, 2011
Tess Vigeland and Kathy Kristof of Kiplingers Personal Finance answer your personal finance questions.
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Dealing with finances before going to war

Feb 25, 2011
At a time when it's easier than ever for military service men and women to have their identity's stolen or lose a home to foreclosure, military officials are trying to make sure troops have their financial affairs in order before shipping out.
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Work benefits going down? Start saving more

Feb 25, 2011
Governors around the country are struggling to close budget deficits. High on the budget list in most states is cutting public employee wages and benefits, which employees are protesting. Marketplace Money's economics editor Chris Farrell believes there's a personal finance message in the turmoil.
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Report: More Americans are worried about their personal finances

Feb 22, 2011
More Americans are worried about recession impacts on their personal finances than they were a year ago, according to an annual survey that asses...
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Prepaid cards hit the market

Feb 21, 2011
Consumers are finding a new way to charge their purchases: prepaid cards. But are they a better alternative to credit cards?
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A habit of learning about money early

Feb 21, 2011
We all know the three "r's" for school: reading, writing, and arithmetic. But some education advocates want to add another mandatory piece of school curriculum: personal finance.
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Getting Personal: The best way to get out of debt

Feb 19, 2011
Tess Vigeland and MSN's Liz Weston answer listener questions. This week, Liz offers suggestions on the best way to get out of debt and tell us whether or not it's wise to invest in the stock market over the housing industry.
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