Times and WaPo crowdsource Palin emails

Jun 10, 2011
The State of Alaska is releasing some 25,000 pages of emails today from the abbreviated gubernatorial career of Sarah Palin. That's a lot of pages....
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All the links I mention on the Tuesday show

Jun 6, 2011
Busy busy day on Monday. Lots to talk about....
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Sarah Palin supporters make history. On Wikipedia.

Jun 6, 2011
By now you may have seen video of Sarah Palin in Boston stumbling over an explanation of what Paul Revere did during his famous ride. Revere, in...
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Refreshing old school take on SEO in journalism lindsay lohan lady gaga obama palin

Jul 21, 2010
From the Washington Post's Gene Weingarten. My headline gag shamelessly lifted from Jason Kottke.
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