Encouraging new ways to save

Jul 19, 2013
Cities and other organizations are looking for new ways to encourage people to save for the future.
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Are 501(c)4 nonprofit groups too partisan?

May 13, 2013
They’re called social-welfare organizations, but 501(c)4 nonprofit groups are increasingly partisan lobbying machines on both the left and right. Who can get this tax-exempt status?
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Hey, want a free roller coaster? Wait... no?

Apr 1, 2013
Owners of the abandoned Dania Beach Hurricane are trying to give the roller coaster's lumber and steel to charity. So far, there are no takers.
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Charitable foundations look towards impact investing

Dec 28, 2012
Most charitable foundations take a big pot of money, usually bequeathed by a rich guy, and invest it for profit -- then take those profits and donate to charity. Great system … unless you aren't actually earning a profit.
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Calling for 'The Great Tithe'

Dec 14, 2012
With the in-fighting in Washington over the fiscal cliff, the future of tax deductions for charitable giving is uncertain. But author and philanthropist Kevin Salwen argues, if anything, we need to encourage more giving.
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Detroit art museum wins taxpayer support

Aug 20, 2012
The Detroit Institute of Arts avoided a fiscal cliff when voters in three counties approved an tax increase that directly funds the 125-year-old museum.
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