Sonic and Super Mario

How Sega broke Nintendo's monopoly on video games

May 13, 2014
Sonic and Mario go back a long way. They weren't always friendly with each other.
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Will Nintendo ditch hardware?

Jan 29, 2014
Some say Nintendo needs to ditch the console and focus on games, but Nintendo may still try to save its hardware business.
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Mario doesn't do mobile (and Nintendo suffers)

Oct 30, 2013
Nintendo's decision not to go mobile is costing it big time.
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Nintendo's Wii U, and Facebook's sales tracking tool for e-retailers

Nov 19, 2012
Nintendo's Wii U tries to offer a game changer, and Facebook tries to draw a direct line between advertising and sales for retailers.
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E3: Video game consoles aren’t just for video games

Jun 5, 2012
As a new generation of consoles looms, current models are being packaged up for movies and socializing.
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Giant video gaming conference E3 gets going in L.A.

Jun 5, 2012
And it's all about the game consoles. How will Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony stave off mobile and social games?
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Nintendo reports first annual operating loss

Apr 26, 2012
Pioneer electronic game developer Nintendo loses its edge as Apple products and smart phones become popular for gaming.
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Wii U arriving in time for Christmas

Jan 27, 2012
Will smash or trash?
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Shake-ups in gaming, from Netflix to Nintendo

Jan 26, 2012
Netflix also announced yesterday it's backing away from plans to rent video games. And that wasn't the only video game news making headlines.
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Tech toys for the holidays

Dec 15, 2011
From e-readers to video game consoles, find out what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for your tech-savvy friends and family this holiday.
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