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NYC to allow union workers to live outside the city

Jul 14, 2006
New York City has worked out a contract with its biggest municipal union. The union members will get a pay raise, but their biggest bonus is that they'll no longer be required to live in the city. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Investigating 9-11 fraud

Jul 13, 2006
House lawmakers continue a hearing today into fraud allegations surrounding the $21.4 billion New York City was given in recovery funds following Sept. 11. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Bloomberg fights Feds on immigration

Jul 7, 2006
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg tells a Senate hearing that the economies of his city and the nation would collapse if illegal immigrants were deported. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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NYC construction grinds to a halt

Jul 3, 2006
Hundreds of construction sites in New York City have closed due to striking construction workers. If no agreement is reached, the strike could affect more than a thousand sites after the July 4 holiday. Bob Moon reports.
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NYC taxi auction

Jun 22, 2006
New York City is selling licenses today to operate taxi cabs in the city. A license could cost as much $500,000, but it's well worth it financially. Bob Moon explains.
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Dining on a large scale

Jun 9, 2006
In New York, some restaurant owners are opening outposts on a vast scale, seating hundreds of diners at a time. Can these giants survive? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Tobacco sellers take NY to court

May 4, 2006
In New York, you're not allowed to sell tobacco over the Internet. Surprise, surprise: The people who sell tobacco online aren't happy. They're suing, as Amy Scott reports.
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WTC progress?

Apr 26, 2006
After weeks of balking, developer Larry Silverstein has agreed to plans to rebuild the World Trade Center site. Now it's up to the site's owners to jump on board. Alex Cohen reports.
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Pity the landlord

Mar 7, 2006
Despite skyrocketing property values in New York City, some landlords in the Big Apple are crying poor. Ashley Milne-Tyte tells us why.
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Out to sea

Dec 23, 2005
US imports are at all time high. If you cared to check, you'd find that 90 percent of all those presents under your tree came in on one of those massive container ships. Those ships are run by round-the-clock, and of often, round-the-year crews. A huge proportion of cargo seamen are Filipino Catholics who rarely get home for Christmas. Jen Banbury spent a day at a Staten Island port with one New Yorker who is obsessed with bringing Christmas to the people who bring us our toys.
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