A Target in Springfield, Virginia

Target announces layoffs at company headquarters

Mar 4, 2015
The company hopes to beat a slump with new plans, and fewer workers.
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The scene outside an American Apparel store in New York City.

American Apparel closes a challenging year

Dec 31, 2014
As the company welcomes a new CEO, will changes boost American Apparel's bottom line?
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The ups and downs of manufacturing jobs

Dec 12, 2014
Being laid off in manufacturing 4 times in 3 years
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Microsoft to layoff employees

How companies like Microsoft should handle mass layoffs

Jul 17, 2014
Microsoft is laying off 14 percent of its staff. But it'll be six months before the redundancy process is complete.
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Microsoft: biggest job cuts ever

Jul 17, 2014
Microsoft announced it’s cutting up to 18,000 jobs over the next year.
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Hewlett-Packard Adds Thousands In Addition To Previously Scheduled Mass Layoffs

Hewlett-Packard's innovation trend flattened long ago

May 23, 2014
HP's innovation helped build Silicon Valley, but it's not had a giant hit since its printers 30 years ago.
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When the coal layoffs trickle down

Apr 11, 2014
Coal communities in eastern Kentucky have been reeling from the effects of a relentless wave of mining layoffs.
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PODCAST: Fewest first quarter layoffs since 1995

Apr 3, 2014
A new economic indicator seeks to give the GDP some competition in measuring economic health.
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PODCAST: Layoffs in tech and retail

Feb 6, 2014
There big cuts to jobs in the tech industry in January. Meanwhile the Governor of Tennessee wants to make community college in his state free. And European officials are considering new trade agreements with Cuba.
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When tech jobs don't last forever

Feb 6, 2014
Layoff announcements surged in January in tech and retail sectors.
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