What's up, Europe? Irish continue to muddle

Jun 22, 2012
As the Irish keep an eye on Greece and Spain, what news is keeping the Irish upbeat?
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A man walks into a bar… in Ireland

Jun 11, 2012
Europe correspondent Stephen Beard begins a five-part series from bars in Europe. He gets the opinions of ordinary Europeans on the ongoing debt crisis, starting with the Irish.
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Ireland votes on EU fiscal discipline treaty

May 31, 2012
Today, Ireland is holding a referendum on whether to ratify Europe's new fiscal discipline pact. A vote against the treaty would challenge German-backed austerity measures.
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What's up, Europe? Ireland votes on EU treaty

May 31, 2012
It's a gray day in Dublin, as the Irish vote on the European Union's fiscal stability treaty. Will a yes vote really solve Ireland's problems?
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'The Troubles' still loom over Northern Ireland

Apr 25, 2012
Foreign companies have recently invested in Northern Ireland, but its economy needs more help.
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The Titanic: Now a source of pride for Belfast

Apr 10, 2012
After decades of wariness about having built the ship that came to a tragic end, Belfast is now trying to cash in on the Titanic connection.
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Belfast makes the most of its Titanic connection

Apr 9, 2012
Hungry for business, Belfast in Northern Ireland is trying to cash in on its role as the city where the ill-fated ship was built.
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With unemployment at 14 percent, the Irish look for work abroad

Mar 19, 2012
More than a year after Ireland received a bailout, unemployment in the country has risen to more than 14 percent, and nearly 1,500 people leave the Emerald Isle every week to look for work.
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Your tax limericks

Mar 16, 2012
Readers from around the U.S. sent us their opinions of taxation in limerick form.
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No riots, but Ireland feels the pain of austerity

Mar 15, 2012
Ireland is tackling its debt crisis with a harsh program of austerity measures. The Irish are not rioting, as the Greeks did, but they are hurting.
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