Videogame subscription service on the way

Nov 23, 2011
Think Netflix for videogames on an iPad
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Oregonians voting by iPad today

Nov 8, 2011
It's the first Election Day to be held under a new program aimed at helping voters who require extra assistance. Election officials equipped with...
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A whole lot of videos of babies playing with iPads

Oct 18, 2011
Our Wednesday Tech Report is all about kids under the age of two and whether they should watch TV. What no one knows yet is whether they should b...
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Yankees - Red Sox, Coke - Pepsi, Tastes Great - Less Filling, Apple - Samsung

Oct 14, 2011
Because we're Tech Report, we'll just focus on that last one. A U.S. judge has ruled that, yep, the Samsung Galaxy Tab DOES infringe on patents...
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iPad Facebook app finally launches

Oct 11, 2011
Is this memo item dated 2010? It is not. For whatever reason, it took until yesterday for the social media titan to finally launch an app for iPad....
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Semi-virtual toys all the rage this Christmas?

Oct 5, 2011
I put that question mark in there because it's an article from USA Today which sometimes makes a trend bigger than it really is. Still, there is a...
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TV outside your pad, on your iPad

Oct 4, 2011
Tech pundit Robert Scoble has a rumor for this morning, serving it up on his Google+ account of all places....
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The new Kindle Fire vs. the iPad

Sep 29, 2011
Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet will cost $199, have a seven-inch screen, let you enjoy movies, music, and books, and rely on the cloud. Apple's iPad starts at $499, has a 10-inch screen, lets you enjoy movies, music, and books, and relies on local storage.
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Sep 27, 2011
Mashable is reporting that Facebook's iPad app will launch on 10/4 along with the widely rumored El Cinco announcement. Second in legend only to a...
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NBC offers full episodes on iPad app

Sep 9, 2011
Doesn't seem like all that shocking and bold a thing to do but the peacock network hasn't done it until now. The app was released in June but...
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