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Travel snafus delight retailers

Dec 24, 2014
A look at who wins when travelers are the losers.
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An aircraft flies over Raleigh, North Carolina.

Your Wallet: Cheap travel for the holidays

Dec 19, 2014
Some of the algorithms that affect our lives the most are the ones airlines use to determine pricing.
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How to use social media as a last-minute travel agent

Nov 28, 2014
A well-timed tweet can help you snag the last seat on the next flight out.
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With low gas prices, Thanksgiving travel hits the road

Nov 20, 2014
Low cost of gas + high airline tickets = more people driving.
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Travel company bets on learning over leisure

Jun 17, 2014
You’ve heard of eco-tourism, but what about political tourism?
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Taxes make your airline ticket about 20 percent more expensive

Dec 19, 2013
Airport officials are urging Congress to raise the cap on passenger fees from $4.50 to $8.50.
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Bad weather, cancelled flights: You're not getting home for Thanksgiving that easily

Nov 27, 2013
The best laid travel plans can fall through when the system comes under the kind of pressure common at Thanksgiving.
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Two words that cancel airline flights: Wintry Mix

Nov 26, 2013
Airlines try to react sooner when big storms barrel down at peak travel periods like Thanksgiving.
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3 tips to survive this year's crazy holiday travel

Nov 14, 2013
Jason Clampett, cofounder of travel news website Skift, joins the show to talk holiday travel planning.
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