Railway hack exposed

Dec 29, 2011
This blog post features Professor Katzenbeisser
Posted In: hacking, railroad

GSM hack discovered

Dec 27, 2011
Look out, phone havers.
Posted In: gsm, cdma, hacking

It’s 2011. You’ve been hacked.

Dec 27, 2011
Posted In: anonymous, hacking

Chinese hackers hit Chamber of Commerce

Dec 21, 2011
for some reason
Posted In: China, hacking

No hack in Illinois

Dec 5, 2011
Merely a vacation
Posted In: Hacks, hacking

United Nations, a little less united

Nov 30, 2011
Hackers hacking. As hackers will do.
Posted In: hackers, hacking

Why a hack at a water plant has people very worried

Nov 23, 2011
Problems at a water plant in Illinois, originally linked to hackers, shut down some equipment.
Posted In: SCADA, hacking, infrastructure

Nasdaq hack results: lax

Nov 18, 2011
How to take down an exchange 101...
Posted In: NASDAQ, hacking

Hackers get Steamy

Nov 11, 2011
Go to the homepage of Steam, an online gaming site, and you'll be greeted with foreboding pictures of aliens, dark planets and calls to war. This,...
Posted In: games, hacking, Tech Report

Hey guess what: hackers can open all prison doors remotely

Nov 8, 2011
And really, would that be such a horrible thing? Yes. Yes it would. It would be a horrible thing....
Posted In: hacking, prison, Tech Report, yikes



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