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With Helpouts, Google tries to make Google Plus less of an afterthought

Nov 5, 2013
Google Helpouts lets you chat live with experts.
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Survey says users prefer Google+ to Facebook

Jul 17, 2012
Never mind the 900 million-something users Facebook has.
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Google kills more products that you probably never heard of

Jan 23, 2012
The Google graveyard is getting crowded
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New search, new concerns

Jan 12, 2012
The heat is on
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Your World or Google’s world, it’s all the same

Jan 11, 2012
New search functions don't sit pretty with some
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Google announces kill dates on seven products

Nov 23, 2011
Shockingly, the products are Search, Gmail, YouTube, Android, News, Google+, and Maps.
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Google+ gets games

Aug 12, 2011
So, if you're one of the rubberneckers on Google+ wondering how to use it and how to have a hangout, here's an easy fix. You can just log in and...
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Let's all watch live cat videos together

Aug 1, 2011
If you've been wondering what, exactly, to do with your Google+ account, here's an idea....
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Google+ and privacy

Jul 29, 2011
Facebook has been rightly scrutinized for how it treats your personal information - what is shared and what is not. And at first blush Google+...
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No anonymity on social networks! Why the hell not?!

Jul 26, 2011
Over the weekend Google+ let loose a tempest in its shiny new teapot when the company expelled folks using fake names on the social network. By all...
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