Life inside a Foxconn facility

Oct 25, 2010
Your smartphone, laptop, and other high-tech consumer electronics items were probably made in China by a company called Foxconn. It has almost a million employees spread over multiple facilities. But a recent undercover survey paints a picture of a pretty bleak life for Foxconn workers. We talk about the lives of the people who build the gizmos we've come to rely on.
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A look inside the conditions at Foxconn

Sep 9, 2010
A Bloomberg BusinessWeek story profiles the man who started the Chinese manufacturing company Foxconn, which was thrust into the spotlight after a string of suicides at one of its plants. Bloomberg BusinessWeek editor Josh Tyrangiel visited the facility and talks about what he found.
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Dudes dressed up as Spiderman at Foxconn anti-suicide rally

Aug 18, 2010
Today is one of those days I just have to go home having not understood the world....
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Foxconn: riddled with controversy, swimming in cash

Jul 12, 2010
The Chinese electronics manufacturer has been in the news a lot in recent: a rash of worker suicides, a wage increase to attract workers in a time...
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Foxconn to outsource dormitories

Jun 25, 2010
This NYT article puts the number of workers in Shenzhen at 420,000, the highest number I've heard so far....
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All Foxconn operations except iPhone to leave Shenzhen

Jun 15, 2010
This according to China Daily. Those that stay behind to work on iPhones (presumably the iPhone 4 for the most part although 3GS production will...
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Foxconn ends compensation for families of suicide victims, relocates some operations.

Jun 9, 2010
For a while now we've been hearing about increased wages for Foxconn employees, in some cases raises of up to 66%. Around here we've been wondering...
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Tech News In Brief - 6/7/10

Jun 7, 2010
WWDC - all eyes on Apple as Jobs delivers a big speech and rolls out new ways to take your money.Foxconn gives raises againIf you can't beat ‘em,...
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Foxconn gives raises again

Jun 7, 2010
Couple of weeks ago, every day brought news of another suicide at the massive Chinese manufacturing facility. Now every day brings news of another...
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