Kellogg's CEO: Ramp up food regulation

Mar 19, 2009
Kellogg's CEO David Mackay is urging Congress to improve government regulation on food safety. His company lost nearly $70 million in recalled products after the salmonella outbreak in peanuts. Steve Henn reports.
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Starbucks risks running in poor taste

Mar 18, 2009
Starbucks has been shedding jobs and offering value meals in order to combat the recession, but some brand experts say this could be hurting their image. Amanda Aronczyk explores why the company may be in danger of devaluation.
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A different kind of pork project

Mar 16, 2009
Tonight HBO debuts "Death on a Factory Farm," a documentary that chronicles some grizzly practices at an Ohio pork producer. The film is giving the pork industry an upset stomach. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Rwandan coffee pushes for distinction

Mar 10, 2009
Rwandan coffee producers see a way to get ahead by cornering a niche market in specialty high-quality coffee. Anna Boiko-Weyrauch reports what coffee farmers in the country need to do to preserve distinction in the coffee world.
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Hot dog sales sizzle during downturn

Mar 6, 2009
Hot dog sales were up 2 percent in 2008, despite the economic downturn in almost every industry. So what makes the American favorite such a recession-proof meal? Chicago Public Radio's Adriene Hill finds out why from the epicentre of hot dog culture.
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Food processes slow down Tanzania

Mar 2, 2009
In Tanzania, 80% of the population works in agriculture. But high global food prices aren't exactly helping Tanzanians. Many are still poor because much of their home-grown food goes to waste. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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Cafeteria jobs serve up some stability

Feb 27, 2009
There was a time when school cafeteria jobs were hard to fill. But in this downturn, demand for lunchroom jobs has more than tripled in some places. Gigi Douban find out why from a cafeteria in Birmingham, Ala.
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An opportunity in China's dairy industry

Feb 27, 2009
China's dairy industry took a hit when the chemical melamine was found in every brand of its milk. But that hasn't stopped one entrepreneur from entering the industry. Scott Tong reports.
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Bank's cheesy solution to hedge losses

Feb 23, 2009
A bank in northern Italy is surviving the downturn by relying on an unusual tradition. It's stockpiling Parmesan cheese from local producers to hedge against losses. Megan Williams reports.
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Wal-Mart's food line getting a makeover

Feb 23, 2009
Wal-Mart is giving its private food line a label makeover in the next few weeks to attract more shoppers. But Danielle Karson reports the store's target audience is already sold on the idea of a bargain.
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