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The best and worst of fast food

Sep 3, 2010
This final note today, we're going to do burgers in honor of the news about Burger King this week that it's been sold for $4 billion. Consumer...
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Fryer + Beer = Deep-fried beer

Sep 3, 2010
You'd think deep-fried butter was the pinnacle of fried food -- it's fat fried with fat! But an inventor debuted deep-fried beer at the Texas Sta...
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And now you can buy wine from the vending machine...

Aug 9, 2010
These days, it seems you can buy everything from a vending machine - DVDs, iPods, and of course, good, ol' fashioned candy. Well, now you can add...
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Fresh from the oven: A Pop-Tarts store in Times Square

Aug 9, 2010
What's popping up in New York Times Square? A store for pop-tarts!...
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Wheat bread beats white in sales, and it's no big wonder

Aug 3, 2010
Health-conscious consumers have been waiting for their day to reach a critical mass, and their wait may be over: For the first time in the history...
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Transgenic salmon would be first genetically modified animal for consumption

Aug 2, 2010
The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing what a Massachusetts company is calling an "advanced hybrid" fish, a cross between Atlantic and...
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I'll take a shot of your meat-flavored vodka...

Jun 30, 2010
Carnivorous cocktails? Oh my....
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Are you down with the scooped-out bagel?

Jun 28, 2010
The New York bagel isn't dying, but it might be wounded, so says the New York Post about the consumer trend of ordering your bagel scooped out....
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Study: Unwashed reusable bags have E.coli

Jun 25, 2010
Good news if you're that grocery shopper that always forgets your reusable bags at home or in the car: Now you have a back-up story to scare the...
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McDonald's may be sued over Happy Meal toys

Jun 22, 2010
The Center for Science in the Public Interest says it will file a lawsuit against McDonald's for marketing toys with its Happy Meals. The center...
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