Al Gore wants to save the planet ... and capitalism

Oct 13, 2015
Gore believes he’s found a way to make a lot of green — by going green.
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The battle lines shape up on the TPP

Oct 9, 2015
The terms aren't yet public, but that hasn't slowed down pundits and politicos.
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In West Virginia, one environmental group is aiming to plant trees on at least one West Virginia coal mines site.

Here's a plan: plant trees, mine coal

Oct 7, 2015
As coal mines in the U.S. close, an entrepreneur has a plan to pair mines with carbon sinks.
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Residue from the release of nearly 3 million gallons of mine wastewater sits on rocks in the Animas River on Tuesday in Durango, Colorado.

Contaminated river leaves businesses at a standstill

Aug 11, 2015
Rafting companies along the Animas are facing the effects of the mine spill.
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The AquaFence turns any building into a walled city.

After Hurricane Sandy, a redesign of flood protection

May 15, 2015
Many east coast companies are investing in the AquaFence.
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Bees in Los Angeles collect nectar from a flower.

Itinerant bees play an important role in economy

Jan 16, 2015
Without bees, we'd lose $15 billion each year in the U.S. – and $100 billion globally.
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Heat waves emanate from the exhaust of a transit bus as it passes an American flag hanging from the Los Angeles County Hall of Justice.

How EPA weighs costs, benefits of air pollution regulation

Nov 26, 2014
Agency is forbidden from taking costs into account when writing rules like one proposed this week that would lower amount of smog-causing ozone allowed in the air.
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A surprising contributor to climate change: concrete

Oct 21, 2014
Making cement and concrete produces a ton of CO2, but there might be a better way.
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Saudi Arabia is losing its grip on oil

Oct 2, 2014
A global glut of oil has potential to pit key suppliers in a price war.
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