Tech IRL: Who's your daddy?

Nov 7, 2014
Look! In the street! It’s a car. It’s a bus. It’s … the Who’s Your Daddy Truck?
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FDA orders 23andMe to stop selling DNA test kits

Nov 26, 2013
The problem with mail-order DNA tests.
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Spit, genes and the FDA

Nov 25, 2013
The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on the nation's biggest at-home DNA test kit company
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Can my DNA be patented? No, say justices

Jun 13, 2013
The Supreme Court’s ruling appears to be a serious blow to the business model of bringing to market products derived from naturally occurring DNA.
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DNA sequencing celebrates its first decade

Apr 12, 2013
The anniversary brings with it a new and lucrative era of personalized medicine.
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Home DNA kits -- to test or not to test?

May 16, 2012
Ancestry.com unveils new, more advanced DNA testing.
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Get mapped for a grand

Jan 10, 2012
My, what nice genes you have
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DNA goes DIY

Jul 8, 2011
Looking for an affordable way to research DNA? Well now a $512 model, brought to light thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, can be yours. The machine...
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