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An app that combats texting while driving accidents

Jul 25, 2014
New tech is hoping to combat texting while driving and texting while walking accidents. Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson explains
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California rules cell phone maps OK while driving

Feb 28, 2014
What could possibly go wrong?
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2014 is not the year to text while driving

Dec 27, 2013
California, Illinois, and Oregon are just three of the states changing their hands-free, cell phone driving rules next year.
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Friends don't let friends Google Glass and drive

Oct 31, 2013
A woman in California got a traffic ticket for wearing her Google Glass while driving.
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It takes two to text while driving, according to court

Aug 30, 2013
A surprising ruling on texting while driving.
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Ray LaHood wants tighter restrictions on car gadgets

Feb 17, 2012
Effort to curb distracted driving
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Seriously, put down the phone while driving

Feb 16, 2012
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said today he wants carmakers to come up with devices that would disable gadgets in the car.
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Near-future Facebook status: just crashed

Jan 10, 2012
Face forward. Hands on the 10 and 2.
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Phones in cars? Awww, go ahead.

Dec 22, 2011
I'll tell you about this cell phones in cars thing right after I send this text...
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