Disney has raised the price of one if its annual passes to more than $1,000.

Disney tries to solve its popularity problem

Oct 5, 2015
The company may turn to peak pricing to cut down on crowds.
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Disney hones "Star Wars" strategy in China, Latin America

Sep 21, 2015
Disney is widening access to earlier "Star Wars" movies for international audiences.
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The merch is strong with this one

Sep 3, 2015
Disney's 'Force Friday' is a huge promotion for a 'Star Wars' movie 3 months away.
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Media business gets a rough signal

Aug 7, 2015
Many are moving away from the traditional cable subscription plan.
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Disney earnings could show strength in films, parks

Aug 4, 2015
The media company has been on a roll with big movies.
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How the Disney 'ecosystem' works

May 21, 2015
Disney thrives on an almost self-sustaining business model.
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A Walt Disney World guest wearing an orange MagicBand in the park in 2014.

Modernizing the Magic Kingdom

May 7, 2015
The tricky tech behind Disney World's MagicBands.
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Disney vs movie theaters in the next box office fight

May 6, 2015
Exploring the relationship between studios and theater owners.
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Transforming your wait in line from torture to fun

Mar 27, 2015
MIT engineering professor Richard Larson aka "Dr. Queue" on why lines make us tick
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With 'Into the Woods,' Disney goes dark

Dec 26, 2014
Disney's latest fairy tale movie is an uncharacteristic exploration of adult themes.
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