Paying down debt

Apr 21, 2010
Question: My wife and I live in a home that was originally purchased in 2005 for just over 200K with an "80-10-10" loan. 10% down, 10% home equity ...
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Tax savings and a rental property

Apr 19, 2010
Question: I am 23 years old and work in public accounting. I make 50k a year and am currently living with my boyfriend and paying him rent. I am...
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Separated, but with a home

Apr 14, 2010
Question: First of all, I LOVE your show!!! My question requires a little bit of background so please allow me to start from the beginning....
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Sell stock to pay down debt

Apr 8, 2010
Question: My husband & I are both in our mid-50s. We have some money invested in the stock market, about $300,000. A few years ago we...
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Pay off mortgage

Apr 6, 2010
Question: My husband and I are interested in paying down our mortgage faster. One idea is to stop putting money into savings until the mortgage is...
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California isn't 'Greece of the U.S.'

Apr 1, 2010
California and Greece may both be associated with overwhelming debts, but California's debts are outperforming Greece's bonds, according to a...
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Mortgage for HELOC?

Mar 29, 2010
Question: My wife and I currently owe about $60k on our 15yr mortgage at 5.125% with 8 years until it is paid off. Our bank is currently offering a...
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Buy now--or rent

Mar 19, 2010
Question: After waiting out the overheated Northern Virginia market for several years despite lots of peer advice to buy, my wife and I are now...
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Paying off credit card

Mar 11, 2010
Question: I am trying to pay off my credit card. However, the interest rate is so high (%17.9) that it's really hard to get ahead. I owe &7,000...
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On a financial precipice

Feb 8, 2010
Question: There is a leak in my "solar equity energy". I did the "home ATM" and have refinanced myself into oblivion. I have an ARM which is at 7.5...
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