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Your usual extra pillow, Ma’am? British Airways mines passenger data

Jul 10, 2012
British Airways is getting some flak from privacy watchdogs about its new Know Me program. The company will create a little database about business class and first class passengers, including photos from Google images and information gathered during previous flights -- things like the seat or drink you prefer or if you like an extra blanket.
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IBM's new CEO sees gold in data mining

Dec 30, 2011
Virginia Rometty takes over leadership of "Big Blue," and sees a profitable future in making sense of the growing mountain of digital data.
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The Consumer Profiler: Get Your Corporate-Goggles On!

Sep 9, 2010
Welcome to our Consumer Profiler, a new application on that lets you identify your consumer lifestyle category!
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Hey Baby, What's Your Cluster?

Jul 27, 2010
Read details about Axoicom's 70 clusters on their website using the PersonicsX Interactive Wheel. I just got my data mined. It was a little bit ...
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