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Prepaid cards hit the market

Feb 21, 2011
Consumers are finding a new way to charge their purchases: prepaid cards. But are they a better alternative to credit cards?
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How to avoid online credit card fraud

Feb 17, 2011
David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times discusses why online credit card fraud is becoming a big problem, and how to best guard yourself from it.
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How 'bout putting the credit card in the freezer?

Feb 7, 2011
Question: I know you get questions like this a lot, but this is a little different. I want to cancel all of my credit cards. I find myself paying...
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Consumer spending rings up credit card profits

Feb 3, 2011
MasterCard and Visa reported higher profits as U.S. consumers returned to stores and swiped their plastic more often.
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Consumer spending may outweigh payroll tax cuts

Feb 3, 2011
Americans are getting a boost in the form of payroll tax cuts, but spending and gas prices may outweigh the impact.
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How to pay down that holiday debt

Jan 29, 2011
It's that time of year -- to try and pay off the debt you piled up during the holidays. Here's a tip on how to get started.
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Getting Personal: Identity theft and confusion

Jan 21, 2011
Tess Vigeland and Marketplace's Chris Farrell answer your questions about identity confusion and your credit and if you can be too old to buy a house.
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Settling your tab without a wallet

Jan 12, 2011
A future without a bulky wallet weighing you down may be closer than you think. Steve Henn reports on card-less pay options in development and takes his smartphone, tricked out with a special bankcard chip, for a spin.
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Searching for the right card

Dec 29, 2010
Question: I've been looking for any past blog posts on secured credit cards. Do you have a list or a web site where I can select some secured CC...
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MIDDAY UPDATE: Renting, credit cards, and buzzwords

Dec 23, 2010
Today, Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics released a list of 55 U.S. organized according to how cost effective it is to rent a home, rather than buy....
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