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Small business credit card

Jun 1, 2009
Question: We started a small business in July 08. We received an Advanta business credit card with a $20,000 credit line. It was perfect for me and...
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Home equity and credit cards

May 7, 2009
Question: I have a $16,000.00 credit card balance with Chase at 3.99 % until balance is paid off. I also have a home equity credit line that would...
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I-bonds at 0%

May 5, 2009
Question: Every May and November I download the redemption values for my I Bonds. I use the program called "Savings Bond Wizard" that goes to the...
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Credit counseling

Apr 1, 2009
Question: I have, unfortunately, managed to rack up about $30,000 in credit card debt. Financially I'm okay and working to pay off the debt and not...
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A bad credit card experience

Mar 13, 2009
Question: I just had an extremely frustrating conversation with my credit card company (Bank of America). I wanted to get your thoughts. Larke,...
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Pay off credit card

Feb 17, 2009
Question: Out of the clear blue sky, I got a notice that my Capital One Platinum credit card rate is being raised from 4.99% to 13.99. I have a...
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Credit card debt

Jan 27, 2009
Question: Recently I received, unsolicited, a new credit card from JC Penneys with a higher credit limit. The new card comes with "benefits"--more...
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Negotiating credit card rates?

Dec 30, 2008
Question: do you think paying for a service to lower interest rates on credit cards can work? AFL Financial Services charged 990.00 to negotiate...
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How credit cards become asset-backed bonds

Nov 25, 2008
Mortgages aren't the only financial instruments that get turned into securities. Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains how companies make money by buying credit card debt and bundling it.
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Closed credit card account

Nov 25, 2008
Question: I just received a letter from Chase informing me that they had closed one of my credit card accounts (I have two Chase cards) due to lack...
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