conflict minerals

The long arms of a U.S. law reach Congo

Dec 11, 2014
Most of the miners in Congo are self-employed, equipped with a spade and a dream.
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Miners take a break from digging pits at a mine in south Kivu

Miner vs. miner: A different kind of mineral conflict

Dec 11, 2014
In Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the advent of industrial mining has pros and cons.
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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich on 'silicon leadership'

Oct 1, 2014
Intel plans to make its supply chain conflict-free by 2016.
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Inside Intel's 'confict minerals' program

Jan 9, 2014
Earlier this week, Intel announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that its chips will be produced from 'conflict-free' sources.
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Conflict minerals disclosure rule heads to court

Jan 7, 2014
A court hears arguments on a rule that requires companies to report on whether their products contain conflict minerals.
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