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Xi-Obama Summit: The sticking points between the world's two largest economies

Jun 5, 2013
It'll be President Obama's first visit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping since he took power in March. China Correspondent Rob Schmitz breaks down what's working — and not working — between the world's two biggest economies.
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Scary Chinese growth numbers may be turning around

Jan 18, 2013
Figures released today show that China's economic growth hit a 13-year low in 2012, but strong results at the end of 2012 mean this year things are looking up.
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China's economic growth drops to 13-year low

Jan 18, 2013
The world's fastest growing economy just posted it's worst growth figures in over a decade. Is it time to be concerned?
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In China, new leadership but familiar challenges

Nov 15, 2012
As Xi Jinping takes the helm of the Communist Party in the world's second largest economy, handling the slowing economy remains priority number one.
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China's 'hutong' economics

Nov 12, 2012
As China's leaders meet behind closed doors in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, shop owners in the neighborhoods of twisted alleyways known as hutongs share their outlook on their own -- and China's -- economic prospects.
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Has China's bright future turned dim?

Nov 9, 2012
As China changes leaders this week, opinions on the future of China's economy differ widely among analysts. Those bearish on China say it's crash may already be here.
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Leadership change to be announced in China

Nov 8, 2012
The Chinese Communist Party will hand over power to China's next leader during its party congress this week.
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China changes leaders at critical economic crossroads

Nov 8, 2012
Depending on which economist you talk to, China is either on a steady path to overtake the U.S. as the world's number one economy or it's on the verge of economic collapse.
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Is China engineering its own economic slowdown?

Oct 18, 2012
China's third-quarter GDP data shows the country grew at its weakest pace in three and a half years and is on track for its slowest annual growth since 1999.
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Economists predict slower growth for China

Oct 16, 2012
Economic forecasters in China say quarterly growth figures, set to be released Thursday, will be lower than officials were expecting.
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