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CEOs rally to pressure politicians on deficit

Oct 25, 2012
With the fiscal cliff looming, an all-star group of CEOs wants both parties to get serious about the deficit. The fix they're calling for will be tough for both parties to swallow.
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Technology to soar, deficit to fade, Africa takes the day

Oct 25, 2012
Not everything in the economy hinges on who wins in November. Whether it's President Obama or President Romney -- we're predicting three things are certain by 2016.
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Paul Ryan's deficit plan could learn from UK

Sep 4, 2012
GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan wants to slash the deficit through major spending cuts. A similar plan is already being carried out in the UK.
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California's budget deficit has risen to $16 billion

May 14, 2012
That's grown from $9.2 billion. The $16 billion is in projected spending, and that would be more than the money that could come in. Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to talk about the details later today.
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Deficit cutting vs. social spending: Finding a balance

Mar 12, 2012
Commentator Liz Herman says we need to find a way to both reduce the deficit and spend the right amount on social services.
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