This is your brain on Harry Potter . . .

Jul 20, 2007
Some Harry Potter fans have been trying to find advance copies of the latest book on the black market. Which got The Marketplace Players thinking about how the series is addictive -- really addictive.
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Corporate blogs have their own rules

Jul 9, 2007
A Google employee learned an important lesson after she posted comments on a company blog that were critical of Michael Moore's new film "Sicko." Bob Moon talked about blog do's and don'ts with Debbie Weil, author of "The Corporate Blogging Book."
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Parents make easy prey

Jul 9, 2007
Most moms and dads these days are over-tired, over-stressed and over-worried that they're not doing the right thing when it comes to raising their kids, says author Susan Gregory Thomas. And, she says, that makes them easy targets for marketers.
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Mark Twain: Author, investor, inventor

Jul 6, 2007
Samuel Langhorn Clemens, otherwise known as famed author Mark Twain, was also a tireless businessman. He made and lost a pile of money inventing and investing. In a new book, Peter Krass says it's clear where Twain's heart really was.
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Econo-reasoning behind everyday things

Jul 2, 2007
Some of life's little mysteries have simple economic explanations behind them. Econ professor Robert Frank shares a few, and the philosophy behind his book and the assignment that gets everyone thinking about everyday life in cost-benefit terms.
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More help for Scott's mom

Jun 26, 2007
A new magazine debuted today devoted to the $7 billion business of getting organized. When Scott Jagow heard about this, only one person came to mind: His mom.
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Who says bubbles are bad?

Jun 15, 2007
When economic bubbles burst, a ripple of devastating effects inevitably follows. Investors can lose everything, tens of thousands of workers may lose their jobs. But there's usually an upside says author Daniel Gross, even in the deflating housing market.
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Managing 'what's in it for me?' workers

Jun 11, 2007
Author Cam Marston's new book details how Baby Boom managers are having to deal with so-called New Millenials — young workers accustomed to praise who need more motivation to perform even simple job tasks.
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The Sushi Economy

May 30, 2007
Over some truly excellent tuna and sea urchin Kai Ryssdal met Sasha Issenberg, author of "The Sushi Economy," to talk about the role raw fish plays in the world's markets and its popularity in America.
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'The Price of Liberty'

May 10, 2007
In a new book about how America pays for war, Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman Robert Hormats claims Congress and the White House are sidestepping their obligations to pay back their debts. He talked with Kai Ryssdal.
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