Are banks benefitting from CARD Act they lobbied against?

Jul 26, 2012
A law restricting credit card acess for poor credit risks has resulted in fewer defaults.
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Father of big banking Sandy Weill changes tune

Jul 26, 2012
Sandy Weill, who engineered Citigroup and the creation of megabanks, says big banks should be split up. Will the debate now gain traction?
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LIBOR rigging could be made a crime in Europe

Jul 25, 2012
In the ongoing LIBOR interest rate rigging scandal, European lawmakers have proposed making interest rate rigging a crime.
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Neil Barofsky on the failures of TARP

Jul 23, 2012
The Troubled Assets Relief Program -- TARP -- was the formal name for what we often just call "the bailout." In 2008 Congress allocated $700 billion to stabilize the U.S. financial industry. Congress and President Bush assigned one man to build a team, and police all that spending.
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When regulations change: From baseball to banking

Jul 20, 2012
Two years after the Dodd-Frank Law was enacted, many in the banking sector are still grumbling about the change in regulation. How does that compare to when the rules change in another American pastime: Baseball?
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Why it might be time to break up big banks

Jul 19, 2012
As banks face scrutiny over questionable practices, Chris Farrell explains why breaking up some of our biggest banks would solve a lot of problems.
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Scant detail in big banks' 'living wills'

Jul 4, 2012
The nine biggest banks in the U.S. have submitted plans for how to avoid a taxpayer bailout if they become insolvent. But will these plans work?
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Barclays chairman resigns, but fingers point at CEO

Jul 2, 2012
The chairman of Barclays Bank in London resigned today. Last week, Barclays agreed to pay $450 million to settle allegations that it conspired to manipulate a key interest rate, and some say CEO Bob Diamond should step down as well.
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Why a bank run is bad

Jun 1, 2012
A bank run occurs when customers run down to the bank and demand their money back. So, why can't the bank just return the cash? Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch explains using a human heart analogy.
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JPMorgan's loss: A sign that Wall Street's mindset hasn't changed

May 11, 2012
New York bureau chief Heidi Moore discusses why JPMorgan's $2 billion blunder is affecting markets worldwide and how big a $2 billion loss really is.
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