Bank profits could hinge on bad-loan reserves

Oct 11, 2012
Hit by new regulations and low interest rates, banks are likely to dip into reserves for bad loans again to boost third-quarter profits.
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Banker's arrest sends Vietnamese markets spiraling

Aug 27, 2012
Vietnam has been on a roller coaster ride for a week. The turmoil was caused by one banker arrested for financial crimes.
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More credit unions adding and raising fees

Aug 17, 2012
Credit unions used to be a banking oasis free from fees. But slowly, credit unions are starting to charge for checking accounts and raising minimums to avoid fees.
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Who is responsible for foreclosed homes?

Aug 17, 2012
An LAPD police officer gives a tour of his precinct in Watts and the blight foreclosed homes have wrought upon the neighborhood. The City of Los Angeles says the banks who own the homes should be responsible for the upkeep of the foreclosures.
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States pursuing banks on LIBOR rate rigging

Aug 16, 2012
The attorneys general of New York and Connecticut have sent subpoenas to several banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup. When it comes to banking scandals, it's state regulators who are out in front.
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The shift from pro-market to pro-business

Aug 16, 2012
In the midst of the U.S. financial crisis, the economist Luigi Zingales became known for hyping a "managed bankruptcy" for the big banks. That way the banks' private investors, creditors and executives would bear most of the costs of their bad investments.
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LIBOR scandal reaches major U.S. banks

Aug 16, 2012
The other shoes have finally dropped in the LIBOR investigation. Seven other shoes, in fact. Attorneys general in New York and Connecticut have subpoenaed seven of the world's biggest banks, including Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase here in the U.S.
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States investigate JPMorgan, Citigroup, and others over LIBOR

Aug 16, 2012
today, there's word that a number of other banks -- including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup -- are being subpoenaed by regulators in New York and Connecticut. It's all about charges that the banks rigged an interest rate called LIBOR.
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Standard Chartered shares up after settlement

Aug 15, 2012
Standard Chartered was on the brink of going to court because of allegations that it hid thousands of financial transactions with Iran. Instead, the bank settled without admitting any wrongdoing.
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Three steps to boost investor confidence

Aug 9, 2012
Banks are still huge, financial scandals still break -- even after the recession revealed flaws in the financial system. A commentator gives his short-and-sweet solution.
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