Big bank vs. small bank

May 13, 2010
Question: What are the pros and cons of transferring from a troubled megabank to a small bank? Charles. Winterville, N.C....
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How safe is online banking

May 7, 2010
Question: How do I evaluate the relative safety of any particular online bank? How can I make sure my account would be FDIC insured? Paul, Brooklyn...
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Annual credit card fee of $60

Apr 20, 2010
Question: Last week, I received a notice from a credit card company informing me that they were going to start assessing a $60 annual fee on my...
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Online savings

Jan 15, 2010
Question: Responding to "@78 yrs of age, place to put a mortgage payout beside the coffee can in the garden." [That part was a joke.] I am...
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Banks vs. credit unions

Jan 8, 2010
Question: I was looking into opening a new checking and savings account. I noticed that Credit Unions offer better Interest Rates and Lower fees...
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Online broker and safety

Jan 4, 2010
Question: You give great advice, Chris. Is it safe to open a Roth IRA with a well-known online broker? I need to put my money to work following a...
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Nov 23, 2009
Question: I recently paid off my mortgage ($55,000) and consulted with my local bank about how to best invest discretionary funds now that mortgage...
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Cash in college savings

Nov 18, 2009
Question: Our oldest son is a junior in high school. We had been saving for college in a mutual fund. When the downturn hit last fall, we stopped...
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Low risk and high yield?

Nov 5, 2009
Question: Over the past year I have saved about $3,500, stashing it in online savings accounts that are yielding lower and lower interest rates. My...
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Closed credit card account

Oct 5, 2009
Question: I just received a notice from HSBC, one of two of my credit card companies, that they were going to increase my interest rate - again! ...
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