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What the NSA can learn from Angry Birds

Jan 28, 2014
Spoiler: More than we knew
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The NSA loves Angry Birds

Jan 27, 2014
The NSA stoops to new depths
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Angry Birds coming to a theater near you

May 15, 2013
Sony Pictures Entertainment and Rovio are gonna team up for a full-length animated 3-D version of the game.
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Angry Birds conquers the world

Mar 15, 2013
Angry Birds started as an addictive app game. With the launch of a TV show this weekend, and licensing deals for clothes, the Finnish-created game aims to be a media and marketing juggernaut.
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An app to teach you to love instead of 'like'

Mar 26, 2012
"Fish: A Tap Essay" uses new technology for an old-fashioned essay.
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Nokia announces more layoffs

Feb 8, 2012
Nokia is to Finland what General Motors once was to the U.S. But as the company fades, it opens up room for new, smaller tech companies to matter.
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Angry Birds coming to Facebook

Jan 30, 2012
Because it has to be everywhere now, apparently
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Google+ gets games

Aug 12, 2011
So, if you're one of the rubberneckers on Google+ wondering how to use it and how to have a hangout, here's an easy fix. You can just log in and...
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Windows Phone finally gets Angry Birds

Jun 29, 2011
So what, so it's a video game that's on a phone, big deal. Yeah yeah, I know. But I think this says a lot about Microsoft right now. Angry Birds...
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See? This is why you shouldn't cheat, kids!

Jun 14, 2011
A bunch of apps in the Android app store have been removed after they were found to have contained malware. The apps all advertised themselves as...
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