Small airports hit hard by airline cuts

Nov 28, 2008
Regional airports were thriving on the passenger overflow from the big airport hubs. But as airlines cancel routes and make other cutbacks, that overflow has turned into a trickle. Hugh Hill reports.
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U.S. planes full despite big declines

Nov 14, 2008
Thanksgiving travel on U.S. airlines is expected to dive about 10 percent from last year. But you're still likely to be sitting on a full plane when you fly back home for that big dinner. Janet Babin tells you why.
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Virgin considering a three-way deal

Oct 30, 2008
Virgin is considering possible three-way deal between itself, BMI and Luftansa. Virgin could get local flights in the U.K. and also form an alliance with Luftansa for international flights. Megan Williams reports.
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Stricter enforcement for carry-on bags

Oct 27, 2008
Continental and other airlines will no longer allow carry-on luggage any bigger than the regulation size. Too many passengers were cramming the overhead bin space to avoid fees for checked bags. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Boeing strike hurts Dreamliner

Oct 23, 2008
Machinists at Boeing have been on strike for the past seven weeks, and the company says production of its new 787 Dreamliner may be delayed. But John Dimsdale reports Boeing may still be able to ride out the strike.
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Southwest's hedge on fuel backfires

Oct 16, 2008
At first, it looked like Southwest Airlines hedged its bets well when it prepaid for fuel because prices were going up. Unfortunately, now oil prices are falling. Janet Babin has more on Southwest and airlines in general.
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Lower oil prices don't inspire airlines

Oct 16, 2008
With fuel prices half of what they were three months ago, it's surprising the airlines aren't doing so much better. Rachel Dornhelm reports air carriers are struggling with diminishing demand.
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Miami luring tourists from S. America

Sep 5, 2008
Miami saw a drop in tourism during the first half of this year and wants the tourists back. A travel show this weekend turns south -- way south -- to bring a wave of visitors to the beaches and shopping malls.
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Boeing machinists wait before walking

Sep 4, 2008
Union machinists at Boeing could hit picket lines by Friday night, if a two-day cooling off period doesn't stick. Mitchell Hartman has been following the story. He checks in with Kai Ryssdal.
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Boeing union agrees to delay a strike

Sep 4, 2008
Boeing machinists, the airline's largest union, decisively reject the contract. However, they agree to put a walkout on hold for 48 hours to give Boeing a chance to renegotiate. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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