Farmers look for ways to be efficient

Feb 18, 2010
Midwest farmers are rattled that rains and cold temperatures will throw planting out of whack. But the crummy weather has been good for some farm equipment manufacturers. Jay Field reports.
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How a cold snap affects citrus prices

Jan 12, 2010
Recent sub-freezing temperatures have hit Florida's orange-crop region, which could naturally make orange juice fans shudder to think of the price hike. But John Davis reports several factors go into setting the price of citrus.
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New rules laid to help chicken farmers

Jan 11, 2010
The USDA has issued new regulations intended to provide protections for contract poultry farmers. But for some of those farmers, the new rules have come too late. Kate Archer Kent reports.
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Organic work aids fertilizer-free crops

Jan 4, 2010
Fertilizer is costly and scarce in Rwanda, and some farmers struggle to produce crops in the barren soil. But some are learning to overcome these conditions by using cost-effective organic techniques. Gregory Warner reports.
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Public money may keep sprawl in check

Dec 9, 2009
The days of farmland being bulldozed to make way for shopping malls or housing complexes are gone for now. And one Michigan county is in no mood to see those days come back. Dustin Dwyer reports.
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Dairy farmers find more green in grass

Oct 14, 2009
Some New Zealand immigrants in Missouri are working to persuade American dairy farmers that changing the way they feed their cows could save money in the long run. Maureen McCollum reports.
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Urban farming takes root in Detroit

Oct 8, 2009
A collaborative movement between a Michigan farmer and a Detroit environmentalist is taking gardening to another level in the Motor City. Phillip Martin reports.
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Ag bill favors small dairy farmers

Oct 1, 2009
The House and Senate have agreed to reconcile different versions of an agriculture bill worth about $23 billion, which includes a bailout for dairy farmers. Joel Rose explores who the bill would help most.
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Dairy farmers face shrinking paychecks

Sep 18, 2009
An over supply of milk and a drop in international demand have sent prices paid to farmers to their lowest levels in 30 years. Farmers are blaming lack of competition -- and getting the Justice Department involved. John Dillon reports.
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Herbicide sales hurt Monsanto's profits

Sep 10, 2009
Monsanto, the world's largest seed company, will be falling short on their earnings this year. That'll end eight years of gain. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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